What is Mobile Optimization & What are the Benefits

Mobile optimization is all about ensuring that your website should look good on all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

Mobile optimization plays a vital role in site SEO. It’s 2019 and your business website should be mobile friendly.

Each and every year tons of people use their mobile devices to browse the web. But thousands of websites are still not designed for mobile devices. Which puts a negative impression on their site SEO.

Let’s understand this with an example :

Let’s take the example of Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer site. It doesn’t matter which type of device you use while purchasing an item on Amazon, you will always feel a better and quick experience. Amazon is very easy to use, and user-friendly for each and every device including desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

Importance of Mobile Optimization

As an estimation, 57% of the traffic comes to your website through mobile devices. Google has already started to use the mobile version of the websites as their primary search engine index. It simply means Google will create and list the websites based on their mobile performance in 2019. Although Google wants you to have a mobile-friendly version of your site.

In May 2015, Google announced that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches.

Mobile optimization is one of the most important ranking factors in 2019.

Small or big, every type of businesses should have a mobile-friendly website. Either you have a simple business site, an e-commerce website, portfolio site, photography site, classified or business listing site or whatever. It should be mobile responsive.

The Characteristic of Mobile Optimized Website

Here are some of the specialty we often see in mobile-friendly sites :

– These sites load quickly in mobile devices.
– These sites are well structured and the layout is super friendly.
– No horizontal and vertical scrolling (always fit to the mobile screen.)
– Less mobile pop-ups.
– Easy navigations.
– Make sure your videos are compatible with mobile devices.
– CTA buttons should look nice and responsive to the short mobile screens.
– Website fonts should not too small for mobile devices, it should be readable.
– Contact forms are easier to fill in mobile devices.